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Customize your own interactive game based on a local story

Boxitale™ Mini is a game platform designed especially for local adaptations.
We are able to design games based on local stories; the stories will stream on our Boxitale™ application and will use physical components as required by the customer.

Potential customers:

  • Private companies: brand enhancement tool for employees or customers

  • POU: Schools, Museums

  • OEM: Local publishers 


Age: for all ages

The customization package will include a turnkey project from design to supply 

Customize your own Board/Card game 

Boxitale™ games are built to be customized!,


What can be customized:

  • Theme to fit your own local market

  • Artwork to express your look and feel

  • Adaptations of the rules

  • Language

We recommend making adaptations to our Pen Racing game mechanic

Potential customers:

POU: Schools, Museums
OEM: Local publishers 

Age: For all ages

Customization packages include a complete turnkey project solution from design to supply 

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