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What is 

Boxitale is a craft and creation adventure that blends craft-based tasks with digital storytelling for an imaginative experience


 Boxitale™ gaming concept is about kids playing in Epic stories and doing craft!.


Our original stories can be viewed on a smartphone/tablet, but the game itself will be played on a board.


The kids will build, design, and solve challenges and even play in mini games to solve the challenges presented to them in the story and eventually save the day!

Once the kid’s design is ready on the board, they will take a picture of their design using our App. 


Boxitale ™ is the perfect combination of an App and a board game

The kids get to enjoy a high-tech game while playing a craft game on the board  80% of the game time.


There is no rule book!

Download Boxitale application for Instructions

Download Boxitale application for Instructions



4 Episodes included

Read about our game system and Skill development

Our Partners

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Our Partners


Our Partners

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