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Some of our games interact with an application to enhance the storytelling in the games, while the activities are all physical.

Our unique application to complete the experience is Boxitale™

Our portfolio includes different categories:

Boxitale™ - Craft series NEW! (uses the Boxitale™ App)

Boxitale™ - Epic series (uses the Boxitale™ App)

Boxitale™ - Pen race series

Boxitale™ - Card and board games

Boxitale™ - Customized Stories (uses the Boxitale™ App)

The Boxitale™ gaming concept is about having activities integrated into the playing experience. Our games encourage playing while moving around the table and our open rules support a high level of creativity.

Our inspiration is to take the quality time of family and friends to a new level.

Our games

Boxitale party - craft activity
Boxitale Halloween - craft activity
Boxitale Exploring - craft activity
Boxitale Camping - craft activity
Boxitale Olympic - craft activity
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Craft Series



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Boxitale Knight of nature - Epic activity

Epic Stories

Boxitale Elite explorers - Epic activity
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Pen Racing Series

Supper mummies card game
Dowsing water - board game

Cards and board games

Cards and board games

We make Customized stories

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